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In Activity Essay

Ken Malloy Regional Park Clean-up

Date:February 13, 2010
Place:Ken Malloy Regional Park Clean-up
Written by Jieun Chung (Now Junior of Emery College)

This Saturday, Audubon led us to a different park named Ken Malloy Regional Park. From 9am-12pm we worked on pulling out a lot of non–native plants including weeds. Before we started, instructor Martin Byhower, a current science teacher at Chadwick Private School, gave a brief summary on the history of the park and guidelines to how and where to pull weeds. He informed us that the entire park used to be a huge mass of land where many different Native American tribes inhabited. Then, he as well as other experienced volunteers led us to the side of the park where we began to pull weeds. We also followed a certain technique in order to contribute to the widespread of the original indigenous plants. We were instructed to only pull out the weeds surrounding the native plants; the other weeds stayed because it helped fertilize the soil. After all of our hard effort, Mr. Byhower and the other volunteer students provided us with delicious fruits and chewy bars.
In the beginning, Mr. Martin Byhower told us to look at the bigger picture of the help we were providing to the environment. He understood that most of us were just there to get community service hours for school; however, he wanted all of us to realize how much IES Club’s contribution actually benefit global warming on earth. This motivated me and many others to work even harder that day.